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Actively managed investment solutions for everybody

Our Mission

Honesty & Integrity

We want every client to have access to actively managed investment solutions that are intuitive, transparent, and attractively priced.


What Makes Us Different


MoveUp Financial investment solutions utilize dynamic asset allocation with embedded risk management. Our goal is  to minimize portfolio losses, while delivering attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns.



We charge management fees of 0.25% per year or less for securities-related investment solutions and 1.00% or less for cryptocurrency investment solutions.


Our asset management solutions aim to track our rules-based, investment indices. Our indices are published daily. Our clients access our services via separately managed accounts, which provide continuous access and monitoring to their money.

Our Services

A Clear Approach

We research and design multi-asset, investment indices and provide asset management services that aim to track those indices.

Our proprietary indices measure the performance of dynamic asset allocation and risk management across various financial markets. We partner with third-party index services providers, like Index One, to publish our indices daily.

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Asset Management

MoveUp Financial provides asset management services based on our investment indices. We managed accounts directly via separately managed accounts on Schwab and Interactive Brokers.

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